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Difficulty: Beginner


  • Access to Web Hosting account
  • Webstats Enabled in Plesk


This support article demonstrates how to enable and access Web statistics for your website site. These are very basic statistics only and should only be used for very basic analysis.


  1. Under "Hosting Services" select "Subscriptions"
  2. Select "Hosting Settings"
    Hosting Settings
  3. Select AWStats or Webalizer from the dropdown.

    Note: Conetix highly recommends the use of an external tool such as Google Analytics to provide higher accuracy stats and far more advanced features. The use of the in-built webstats should be considered a "last resort".
    Note: Conetix highly recommends re-enabling the protected access after accessing the statistics.
  4. To view Webstats go to the URL
    N.B. Replace with your domain name

For more advanced statistics and analytics, we highly recommend Google Analytics .

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