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Setting up a New Email Account in Thunderbird

Difficulty: Beginner


- Thunderbird installed on your computer

- Your email account settings


Thunderbird is a free email, news, RSS, and chat client which can be used as an alternative to Outlook and other email clients. You can download it from here:
This article goes through the steps to set up Thunderbird with your email account.


  1. Open Thunderbird from the start menu.

  2. In Mozilla Thunderbird, from the Tools menu select Account Settings .

    Note: If you can't see Tools , pressing the "ALT" key will show the hidden menu bar.
  3. Select Account actions and then Add Mail Account.

  4. Enter your name and e-mail address .

  5. Click Next then A dvanced config
    Note: We recommend using IMAP.
  6. Enter your Incoming mail and Outgoing mail settings.
    Generally your incoming email address will be mail. <> and the outgoing either your ISP or also mail. <> (Professional plans and VPS's only).
    Click Next .

  7. Verify your account information and click Done .

Your email box is now setup and you should be able to send a test email to confirm it's working as expected.

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