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Plesk Onyx: Updating Health Monitoring After a Hardware Change

Difficulty: Beginner


  • Plesk Administrator access


When adding additional resource to your Virtual Private Server (VPS) such as additional hard drive space, your Plesk Health Monitor does not show this change in resources immediately.

To show additional resource allocation, you need to detect hardware changes from your Health Monitor. You need to detect changes because your hardware configuration of your Plesk server is specified in Health Monitor just once - during component installation.


To update the Health Monitor data on server configuration, complete the following actions.

  1. Open the 'Server Management' drop down menu and select 'Health Monitoring'.

  2. Once on the 'Health Monitoring' page, simply select Detect Hardware Changes as shown below:

  3. Select 'Yes' to confirm you wish to 'Detect Hardware Changes':

  4. Verify the changes have been detected on Plesk.
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