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Plesk Onyx - Secure webmail with Let's Encrypt Free SSL certificate

Difficulty: Beginner


  • Plesk or Conetix Control Panel Login Details
  • Mail hosted on Plesk Server
  • Webmail enabled


This support article describes how to secure Webmail URL with a Let's Encrypt Free SSL Certificate.  When accessing your Webmail from an untrusted or unsecured network (eg from a free WiFi service), an SSL certificate will ensure that your email username and password (as well as the email itself) is encrypted and therefore can't be viewed by others.


  1. Log in to Plesk or Conetix Control Panel .
  2. Click on Website & Domains > Let's Encrypt :

  3. Select the checkbox Secure webmail on this domain
  4. By default when you include Webmail URL option in the Let's Encrypt SSL, Plesk will automatically assign.
    To confirm click on Website & Domains > SSL/TLS Certificates and you should see the below.
  5. To test, open up a new tab or window in your Internet browser and load the Webmail URL (Note https not http), https://webmail. domain.tld replacing domain.tld with your domain name.
  6. To access Emails for info@ the URL will be https://webmail. .
    The below confirms the SSL has been applied displaying a Green Lock and Secure :
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