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Plesk Onyx - Schedule Plesk Backup to FTP Storage

Difficulty: Beginner


  • Hosting Control Panel or Plesk access
  • FTP storage credentials


This support article describes how to Schedule a Backup task using the Plesk Backup Manager and send the backup to an FTP storage location.


  1. Log into Hosting Control Panel or Plesk.
  2. Click on the Website & Domains tab > Backup Manager :
  3. First we need to configure the FTP Storage Settings > Select FTP Storage Settings
  4. Enter the FTP details for your storage location then OK to save
  5. Next select Schedule so we can create a Backup task:
  6. Under the Schedule section select Activate this backup task and set a time to run the daily task.
    Select Use incremental Backup and Perform full backup to Weekly .
    The period to Keep backup files will depend on the amount of Disk Space allocated to your FTP storage location.

    It is recommended to keep two weeks of backups consisting of daily incremental and weekly full backups.

  7. Under the Section Backup Settings select the services to be backed and FTP storage
    Mail configuration and Content - if mail is hosted in Plesk
    User files and Databases - required for your Website to be backed up
    Log Files - can be excluded from the Backup
    Make sure you select the option to be notified if a error occurs and the email address to receive the notification exists.

  8. Click OK to create the Scheduled Task.

Tip: Ensure that you test monitor your backups on a regular basis to check the integrity.

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