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Plesk Onyx - How to Set Mailbox Size in Plesk for a VPS

Difficulty: Beginner


  • Administrative login to Plesk
  • Subscription must be set up within Plesk


The following support article demonstrates how to set the size limit for email accounts under a subscription in Plesk for a VPS.
This can be done to limit the amount of hard drive space that the mailbox owner can store on the server.


  1. Once you have logged into Plesk click on the Subscriptions tab from the left hand side menu.
    Then under subscriptions, click on the hosting subscription where you want to limit the mailbox sizes.
  2. On the Right Hand Side Nav under the Account Block - click on Customize
  3. Then Under Mailbox size you can specify the size of the mailbox, or tick Unlimited which enables each mailbox to use up to all available disk space allocated to the VPS.
    Click Update & Lock to save the changes.
  4. You can verify the changes under the email tab as well as seeing the current usage:
  5. Completed
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