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Plesk Onyx - How to install a free Let's Encrypt SSL

Difficulty: Beginner


  • Hosting Control Panel Details


This support article describes how to install and enable a Lets Encrypt SSL (HTTPS) for your Website. Let's Encrypt is a free, automated Certificate Authority (CA) which allows the rapid installation of SSL certificates. The latest Plesk Lets Encrypt extension provides this as an easy option for you to use.


Note: You will need to close your browser and re-open it again to force it to load the new certificate.

  1. Log into your hosting Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Website & Domains tab:
  3. Click on Let's Encrypt
  4. Select the check box Include www as an alternative domain name , even if you don't use www. as a prefix for you site. This is to ensure all redirects are also secure.

    Note: The SSL generated will cover both and
  5. Click Ok to save and the Let's Encrypt SSL will be generated and installed under your hosting in Plesk
  6. Next we need to Select the Let's Encrypt SSL generated and force a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS as the webserver by default will load your website on HTTP.
  7. Click on Hosting Settings:
  8. Under the Security section the below need to be selected.
    SSL/TLS support
    Permanent redirect from HTTP to HTTPS
    Let's Encrypt Certificate

  9. Click Ok to save and then check / confirm your Website is now loading on HTTPS and no SSL warnings

Note: You will need to close your browser and re-open it again to force a reload of the SSL certificate.

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