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Plesk Onyx - How to add a new FTP account

Difficulty: Beginner


  • Hosting Control Panel or Plesk login details


This support article describes how to add a new FTP account for your Plesk hosting subscription. This can be used when you want to provide external developers access to your website files, but don't want them to have full control over your hosting.


  1. Log into your hosting via the Conetix Control Panel or direct via Plesk.
  2. Within the website you want to add the account for, click on FTP Access :
  3. Click on Add an FTP Account :
  4. Enter a FTP account name (Username), Password in the relevant fields and click OK to save.

    If you only want an FTP user to be able to access a certain directory, you can specify this in the "Home Directory" field.
  5. Your new FTP account has now been created.

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