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How to Manage Email Notices within Plesk

Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Admin access in Plesk VPS


The following article demonstrates how to configure email notices on system events in Plesk. This allows configuring notifications for both the server administrator as well as customers.


  1. Once Logged in to the server, from the left hand side management panel, click on "Tools and Settings":
    Plesk notifications
  2. Under "Plesk" click on "Notifications":
    Plesk Notifications
  3. From here notifications can be managed for both the Administrator and Customers . Notifications enabled for Administrator will sent to the email address specified in the Administrator Profile. Notifications enabled for Customers will send to the email address listed under the Customers Profile, unless another email address is specified in the "Email Address" field.
    Plesk notifications
    Client notifications for updates to an installed CMS, such as WordPress, are managed using the field " APS application updates (customer's digest) ".
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