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How to Install New Wordpress Plugins in Parallels Plesk 12

Difficulty: Beginner


  • Administrative Plesk login details
  • Wordpress must already be installed under the subscription


The following support article demonstrates how to installed new plugin WordPress via Parallels Plesk 12. This article uses the plugin “Contact Form 7 Integrations” as an example, however you should only install plugins that you require and are from a trusted source.


  1. Once logged in to Plesk, under “Websites and Domains” click on Wordpress”.
    Plesk 12 how to install plugins
  2. Under “Wordpress Installations” select the subscription and click “Plugins”. In this example there are currently 2 plugins installed for this subscription.
    Plesk 12 how to install plugins
  3. Under the “Manage Plugins” list, click on “Install Plugin”.
    Plesk 12 how to install plugins
  4. In the search field type either the name of the plugin or a slight description (e.g. Spam filter, contact form, SEO). Hit “Enter/Return” on your keyboard.
    Plesk 12 how to install plugins
  5. From the list of options, select the application that you want to install and click “Install”.
    Plesk 12 how to install plugins
  6. The plugin has now been installed. Under the subscription there are now 3 plugins listed.
    Plesk 12 how to install plugins
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