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How to Manage Domain Names

Difficulty: Beginner


Logins to the Conetix Admin (


This article discuses how to manage a domain within the Conetix admin portal.


  1. Log into the Conetix admin client portal at .
  2. Click on the Domains button:
  3. Click on Manage Domain to the right of the domain you wish to manage.
  4. Under Manage can have access to do the following:
    Auto Renew -  Toggles the weather the domain is renewed automatically.
    Nameservers - Name server can be changed from here
    Registrar lock - Locks or unlocked the domain from being transferred
    Contact information the current contact information can be changed here
    Get EPP code - domain transfer password code can be obtained here.
  5. Under Actions can have access to do the following:
    Renew - Allows you to start the domain renewal process
    Register - Register/Purchase a new domain
    Transfer - Transfer a domain from an external domain registrar
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