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How to Change a Hosting Plan for a Plesk Subscription

Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Plesk admin login
  • New plan must already exist


This article demonstrates how to change a subscription in Plesk from its existing hosting plan to a new hosting plan. This can be used when you are upgading a client to a higher plan or you have modified resources to apply to all plans.


NOTE: If the hosting plan is a downgrade in resources, must make sure that the subscription isn’t using more than the new plan has to offer otherwise errors may occur.

  1. Once logged in Plesk, go to “Subscriptions”, tick the subscription for which you want to change the plan, then click “Change Plan”. In this example, the subscription is currently on the “Default Domain” plan.
    Plesk change subscription
  2. Under “New Service Plan” select the plan the subscription is to be updated to, the click “OK”.  In this example, “New Hosting Plan” has been selected.
    Plesk change subscription
  3. The subscription has updated with the new hosting plan.
    Plesk change subscription
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