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How to set up a scheduled Task (cron job) in Plesk 12

Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Access to Plesk 12


The following article demonstrates how to set up a scheduled task (cron job) in Plesk 12. This is required for some sites which need a scheduler for mailouts, updates and any other maintenance tasks.


  1. Once you have logged in to Plesk, click on the "Websites and Domains" tab.
    Scheduled Tasks in Plesk
  2. From the right hand menu, click on "Scheduled Tasks".
    Scheduled Tasks in Plesk
  3. Click on "Add Task".
    Scheduled Tasks in Plesk
  4. Enter the relevant values for the task you wish to set up. Ensure that the option "Switched On" is ticked. Click OK.
    Scheduled Tasks in Plesk

    Note: The format required is in standard Cron notation. You can easily generate this notation here:
  5. Now, you should see the task you created under the scheduled task list.
    Scheduled Tasks in Plesk
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