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How to see what PHP modules are installed on Plesk Onyx

Difficulty: Intermediate


Most web applications use a variety of PHP modules to extend the functionality of PHP (the programming language which powers millions of websites like WordPress, Drupal and similar). While many of these are standard, Plesk also compiles and bundles all of the commonly used modules which may not be standard. To confirm the right modules are available, you can check what's configured quickly within Plesk.


  1. Login to the Conetix Control Panel or directly into your Plesk instance.
  2. Select the domain or website you wish to check the PHP modules for.
  3. Select PHP Settings:
  4. From the right of the PHP version, select View the phpinfo() page :
  5. This will open a new window with the phpinfo page, which looks like the following:
  6. You can then use your browser to search for the particular module, for example you can confirm Imagemagick (imagick) is available:
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