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How to add a SUB DOMAIN in Plesk 12

Difficulty: Beginner


Login into Plesk


It is not always necessary to register a new domain name. Instead of registering a new domain name, you can always create a SUB DOMAIN using a domain you already own.

A SUB DOMAIN is a second website, with its own unique content. You use an existing domain name and an additional prefix to create a new website. The SUB DOMAIN name looks like (assuming you already own


  1. Login to your Plesk Admin
  2. Click on DOMAINS
    Domains in Plesk 12
  3. Click on Domain you wish to add SUB DOMAIN to in this case we are using as the example
    Domain Select
  4. Click on Add SUB DOMAIN
    Add a Sub Domain in Plesk 12
  5. Enter in require SUB DOMAIN in this case we have entered in EXAMPLE as the SUB DOMAIN .
    Enter Sub Domain required in Plesk 12
  6. Click OK
    Click OK on SUB DOMAIN creation in Plesk 12
  7. You Should now see your newly created SUB DOMAIN
    Sub Domain created in Plesk 12
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