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How to add an email signature in Roundcube

Difficulty: Beginner


  • Logo must be hosted on a server
  • Email password
  • Roundcube enabled for the subscription


This article demonstrates how to set up an email signature with a graphic or image logo in Roundcube webmail.


  1. Login to Roundcube webmail for your domain. Webmail can be accessed via the browser at For this example we will be using Once logged in, click on to "Settings".
    Roundcube Signature
  2. Under “Settings” go to Preferences > Composing Messages.
    Roundcube Signature
  3. From the “Main Options” menu, under “Compose HTML messages select “Always”, then click “Save”.
    Roundcube Signature
  4. Under “Settings” go to “Identities” and enter the relevant information for your email signature.
    Roundcube Signature
  5. In a new browser tab open up the graphic to be inserted in to the email signature. This graphic must be hosted on a web server. Drag the image from the new browser tab to the Roundcube tab and drop the graphic into the “Signature” field.
    Roundcube Signature
  6. Now when you create an new email, the email signature and graphic will appear automatically.
    Roundcube Signature
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