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Fake Domain Renewal Emails from - International Whois Domain Protection Agency

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There is currently an email scam going around where notification that appear to be from the International Whois Domain Protection Agency regarding an update of contact information for your domain. The email contains a link to make a 'Secure Online Payment' this payment is a scam and is not required for the safe operation and ownership of your domain name.

This is a scam. Do not click on the Secure Online Payment button.

Conetix Web hosting suggests that you read all correspondence from domain renewal companies very carefully, especially when they're not from an Australian company.

Please feel free to forward your correspondence through to Conetix if you believe it's a scam and one of our support staff will help evaluate it for you.

A copy of the scam email (with domain names redacted, has been included below).

International Whois Domain Protection Agency Scam Email

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