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Domain Registration Scam: Hongkong IP Network Ltd

Difficulty: Beginner


This scam is one that is has been around for awhile. The wording differs but the general theme is the same. An email is received making claims that a company is about to register a domain name matching or very similar to a domain name you already on, but within the Asian domain name space (.cn China, .hk Hong Kong, etc). If you reply, they will offer you the opportunity to buy the domains to prevent it being purchased by anyone else, often at inflated prices.

Here's a copy of what the scam email looks like:

/Hongkong IP Network Ltd domain scam

Conetix suggests that you read all emails carefully and if the provider is known to be a scammer (as is the case for Hongkong IP Network Ltd), delete them immediately.

Please feel free to forward your correspondence through to Conetix if you believe it's a scam and one of our support staff will help evaluate it for you.

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