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Connecting to Plesk server I get a Your Connection is not Private message

Difficulty: Beginner


  • Admin or root Login to your Plesk Server


Connecting to Plesk server you get a Your Connection is not Private message in your browser.

The Plesk admin area is secured by an SSL based connection (HTTPS) and out of the box uses a self-signed certificate. This will generate a warning in most browsers, stating that the certificate can't be verified. While this doesn't present a security risk, it can be disconcerting to some clients.

You can purchase an SSL certificate for your plesk domain (eg or use the latest Plesk Let's Encrypt extension to secure it for free.


  1. When connecting to your Plesk server via your browser of choice via IP or host name you receive a "Your connection is not private" message.
    Note: This is NOT an error and is safe to proceed to server by doing the following.
    Click on ADVANCED
    Browser SSL error "Your Connection is not Private Message
  2. Click on Proceed to <IP> . It is safe to do so.
  3. Once you are logged into your Plesk server you can add a SSL certificate directly to Plesk.
    Plesk 12.5 - How to secure Plesk Admin Login using Let's Encrypt
    Plesk Onyx (17) You can use Security Advisor from your main Admin screen.
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