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Clearing a W3 Total Cache's Page Cache

Difficulty: Intermediate


  • WordPress Admin Login
  • W3 Total Cache Plugin Installed and Active


W3 Total Cache is a plugin which adds caching to your WordPress site in order to make it faster. When using the Page Caching module (recommended by Conetix), it will store a copy of the page so that it can serve the page quickly. If you make changes to a page or post from within the WordPress Admin, W3 Total Cache will automatically update the cached version as well.

However, if you manually edit a CSS file or template file directly, you may need to manually flush the cache. This support article will step you through the process to manually clear the page cache after making manual changes.

Note: If you're not seeing the changes after editing a post within the WordPress Admin, try opening the site in a different browser or an incognito window as the issue may be the browser caching the page, not the server.


  1. Log in to your WordPress Admin.
  2. Once logged in, find the "Performance" drop down tab at the top of the WordPress Dashboard:
  3. Hover your mouse over the word "Performance" to reveal a new menu.
  4. Find the "Purge All Caches" menu item and click on it.
  5. You've successfully purged your W3 Total Cache Plugin's Cache, visit your site URL to check the results of your edits.
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