Featuring a simple, easy-to-use interface, webmail has been designed for businesses on the go. Access your mail from any compatible device and experience the smarter way to do business.

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It’s never been easier to set up email, calendar and contacts with just one click. Plus all your changes and updates sync simultaneously across all your devices for a complete and seamless solution.

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One-tap for iOS

Easily connect your iOS device to access email, calendar and contacts with one-tap iOS.

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ActiveSync Support

All changes are automatically received through your mobile device with ActiveSync (EAS).

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CalDav / CardDav Server

With your CalDAV and CardDAV server, you'll have access to your information through any device.

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Mobile WebApp

Use your mobile browser to check and manage your email anywhere with the mobile WebApp.


Create, group, organise and share contacts from various platforms. Easily share contacts amongst individuals, groups and domains.

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Global address list

Allow other to view and edit your contacts with our easy sharing options.

Open Standards

Open Standards

Use CardDAV to import, sync and export your contacts between numerous devices and clients.

Email Smart Filter

Smart Retaining Filter

With a smart retaining filter, all typed and received new email addresses are remembered and stored in your contact folder.

vCard Support

vCard support

Create, distribute and store information through virtual business cards.


Providing powerful time saving productivity tools in a friendly, personalised and easy-to-use package. Connect externally, sync and share calendars with CalDAV servers.

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Outlook Sync

Install the DavSync add-on for Outlook to sync calendar and contact information.

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iCal & iOS ready

Sync your calendar in one simple step for your Mac iCal, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Simple Layout

Refined & Simple

Find your appointments with ease thanks to a professional and uncluttered design.

Conetix Email File Sync


Sync, create and share calendars with multiple users including external Microsoft users.

Archiver Pro

Providing the tools to store and recover all email traffic you are armed with a complete solution to email compliance. Designed to quickly locate any email received and sent, this secure system allows effortless archiving of all email communications.

Email Archive
Email Compliance

Email Compliance

Meet legal compliance by effectively storing all historic email traffic.

Inbound Search

Smart search

Using the web based management tool you can easily navigate and search through all past emails.

Granular Access

Controlled User Access

Easily create new users and give them access to emails based on domain or mailbox.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

ArchiveVault is easily integrates with your email system and is included in all Conetix email hosting plans.

Barracuda Spam & Firewall pro

Barracuda delivers a corporate grade email security solution to more than 150,000 businesses, safeguarding against the most aggressive spam and virus attacks.

Available separately →
Conetix Anti-Spam Firewall Solution


Easily manage and organise your email hosting from a simple-to-use control panel. Access a range of traffic report, management options and one-click updates. Your plan comes with full Conetix support, to help migrate all users and their data at no charge.

Web Administration

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Deployment choice

Install on your existing Linux servers (single or cluster), install as VM or use a pre-optimized Email Hosting appliance.

Easy Migration

Need to migrate, and migrate quickly? We ship with tools to migrate any number of users and their data. Full support from our migration experts.


Fully regulatory compliant through lawful intercept and logging. The Email Hosting Dashboard provides a visual representation of activity on your server; every email sent, received, and blocked is detailed in an easy-to-use interface.

Detailed user management

What the admin gives, the admin can take away. The per-user/group/domain permissions allow you to grant specific privileges and restrictions. Connect to your user provisioning and billing system.

Mass mail

Notify your users en masse with the Mass mail utility. Whether you're scheduling maintenance, spreading news, or just want to get in touch with your users, the Mass mail utility makes broadcasting simple.

Plug-ins & Mash-ups

Add extra functionality through our plug-in framework for headache free version upgrades. Create mash-ups with your own web application. Integrate advertising, billing and hosting management tools easily.

Unlimited domains

Multi tenancy enabled and no license restrictions on the number of domains. Use Memcache and clustering to serve from hundreds to millions of users on a small footprint.


Integrate your Email Hosting with LDAP, Database Auth or OS Authentication.

Sub-Administrator support

Start delegating. The SubAdmin function supports self managing of selected services per domain or domains.

Slim and scalable

The Email Hosting service has a slim footprint - do more with less hardware. Scale as you grow with clustering, unlimited domains and multi-tenancy.

Plans & Pricing

If you have any questions, call us on 1300 789 260.

Min 5 Users
  • 3GB Mailbox Per User
  • Starter Anti-Spam
  • Webmail
  • Mobile Mail
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
Min 5 Users
  • 5GB Mailbox Per User
  • Achiever Backup
  • Barracuda Spam & Firewall
  • Webmail
  • Mobile Mail
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
20GB Archive
Buy now $45/mo