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CloudFlare Faster


CloudFlare uses a globally distributed network for web caching, web content optimization and malicious bot filtering resulting in your website being twice as fast and saving you up to 60% in bandwidth.

CloudFlare Safer


CloudFlare’s technology automatically detects any new threats that arise on the web, helping to prevent over 90% of attacks. No complex code or server configurations required.

CloudFlare Smarter


CloudFlare’s Always Online™ service keeps your website available, even if the server goes offline. Plus with CloudFlare’s smart rules, you’ll gain more control and flexibility over your website’s security & performance page-by-page.


Add industry leading web applications to your website without any complex code changes.


CloudFlare helps report where other analytics services ignore, providing a better insight into your website traffic and perfomance.


CloudFlare caches your site to 23 data centres around the world. Reducing requests to fewer than 10 hops and less than 30ms.


CloudFlare Optimzer on-the-fly AutoMinify service reduces files by up to 20%, making your site faster while reducing your bandwidth.

In just 7 days

🔦 5,580 bots
269 threats blocked
79,590 total page view 🌎
73,741 regular traffic 👥
2,459,286 server requests saved by CloudFlare
2,892,714 total requests
169.5GB bandwidth requests saved by CloudFlare
214.0 total requests
* Real stats from a real client.

Plans & Pricing

CloudFlare Performance
  • Faster site performance
  • Mobile optimizations
  • Web application firewall
  • SSL
  • Virtually real-time statistics
$19.99 per month
CloudFlare Starter
  • Fast site performance
  • Broad security protection
  • Powerful stats about your visitors
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