Unlimited users for $29/mo

Built in the cloud

With Barracuda running in the cloud, your webserver or office mail-server only receives clean emails - dramatically reducing your email bandwidth and valuable resources.

Automatically updated

Through automatic updating, your response time to new spam and virus threats is up to 19x faster than other leading anti-virus products.

Made for each other

Conetix’s Email Hosting and Barracuda are programmed to work perfectly together to create a seamless email hosting solution like no other.

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Mail Server Backup

If your primary mail server fails, our Barracuda system will continue to collect all your emails for up to 7 days.

12 layers of security

Built with intelligent firewall rules and technologies, Barracuda scans each message at each point to ensure only clean mail is delivered to your server.


Central Webadmin

Designed with the end-user in mind, Barracuda provides a complete easy-to-use control panel. From here users can control their spam filtering setting, search through all emails, and view spam filtering reports.


Plans & Pricing

If you have any questions, call us on 1300 789 260.

Unlimited users for $29/mo