Real World Security

Located in the highly secure Brisbane Airport Corporation precinct, dedicated security is managed and controlled by the iseek security team. This includes 24 hour on-site monitored protection, security gates, man-traps and vehicle traps. 24 hour access is provided to the facility via two-factor authentication using a combination of swipe card, PIN and biometrics finger print readers.

The Data Centre is under continuous video surveillance with 46 vandal-resistant cameras to provide superior image quality, high-quality progressive scan sensors and advanced image processing. These features allow for the delivery of clear images even in areas with poor visibility. Recordings meet PCI-DSS Level 1 requirements.


High Availability

All of our servers have redundant power supplies, RAID hard drive protection and optimised for high uptime. Our network also features multiple levels of redundancy, from the core feeds through to redundant firewalls and routers. In most instances, failures are automatically handled by our system and all changeovers are transparent to the end user.


Carrier Agnostic

All services on our platform take advantage of the fact that our core networking is carrier agnostic. This means that we don’t use a single connection as our primary data connection but instead peer with multiple providers. By doing this we ensure that users accessing our systems come down the most direct path.


As a long time partner of Parallels, we've built considerable expertise in their product offerings. Using the latest Odin Cloud Server, we have built a high performing and reliable platform for all of our product offerings. Extending this even further, we now use the Parallels Cloud Storage to provide fault tolerant storage to ensure your data is safe.


Committed to greener & leaner

We’re committed to reducing carbon emissions and our carbon footprint by running on 100% Green Power through Origin Energy, believing we all have a role in the future of our environmental health.

We use the latest Dell Server infrastructure using the Energy Smart Solution Advisor (ESSA) to calculate the most efficient configuration possible for our servers. We also use Dell OpenManage Power monitoring system to get maximum efficiency from our servers.


Powerful redundancy

Critical power elements are supported with duplicated components or use N+1 redundancy. Power is supplied by two separate underground 33kV feeds, with 11 kV / 415v dry type distribution transformers with redundancy of 2+1 x 2.5 MW.

Emergency power is guaranteed with 2+1 standby 2,200 kVA Cummins diesel generators in a custom silence canopy. With a 28,000 litre backup fuel tank, the DC can operate at full capacity for 48 hours before refuelling.


The coolest server around

Our Data Centre uses a range of innovative cooling techniques, including hot/cold aisle configuration with an in-rack air delivery system supplemented by perforated tiles, and air grilles in the cool aisle flooring.

The Data Centre is one of Australia’s first data centres to make use of free cooling (or hybrid cooling) which uses filtered air sourced outside the data centre.