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Meet Adnexus

Client since: 2007 • Service: Virtual Private Server

Adnexus Communications is an Australian wireless telecommunications deployment specialist. Established in 2001, the company provides a wide range of services including project management, installation, rigging, commissioning, integration, warehousing and logistics. It has been involved in over 7,000 network deployment across Australia, including major rollouts of mobile communications infrastructure on public and private carrier networks.

Adnexus has a active mobile workforce with its engineers, technicians and rigging staff travelling to major cities and regions to tailor network deployments for its customers. Supporting them in their work is a suite of business applications as well as collaboration and design tools relevant to its industry.

Until recently, these applications were running on a server at the company’s head office in Sydney, and Adnexus’ field staff would access the systems remotely via a virtual private network. However, the lag time in accessing the applications meant that the company was not able to get real-time reports and visibility into what was going on in the field.

Partnering with Conetix, Adnexus was able to deploy their existing applications to the Cloud to provide a seamless and highly effective connection to the systems applications.

“By moving our applications to the cloud, Conetix has helped us to transform the way we work. It allows our field staff to operate more efficiently by making business applications available to them on demand, without us having to worry about IT upgrades, maintenance and support issues.” – Renee Mathie, Adnexus Commercial Manager

Conetix has proudly partnered with Adnexus for 6 years.

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