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Which WordPress Plugins Should I Install to Increase Traffic?

By Jamin Andrews
Which WordPress Plugins Should I Install to Increase Traffic?

Whether your WordPress-based site is a blog, a business website or serves any other purpose, you'll no doubt have one key thing on your mind: increasing your traffic. While you can use social media services and forums to promote your site, WordPress can help you to make it even easier, with a wide range of useful plugins that can help to boost your site's visitor numbers.

Traffic can be increased by improving your site's SEO, and WordPress' All In One SEO Pack features a huge range of tools which can help. This all in one solution converts your CMS into a specialised SEO version, boosting your SEO in a number of different ways. You'll be able to automatically generate meta tags, optimise the title of each post, enjoy Google Analytics and XML Sitemap support and fine tune your page navigational links, amongst a whole host of other options.

Alternatively, try WordPress SEO by Yoast, which is the main competitor to the All In One SEO Pack. It's designed for those who have a more advanced knowledge of SEO, and offers a more detailed range of features too. However, it will take some configuration before it can be used, meaning that the previous option may be a better choice for SEO or WordPress newbies.

It's not just your posts that will need to be SEO friendly, though - it's your image too. The SEO Friendly Images plugin will take every image that you use, and make sure that its SEO performance is as strong as possible. The plugin will provide correct ALT and TITLE attributes for each and every image. Why is this important? Because ALT attributes are used by search engines to determine the best results - they describe what is contained in the image.

Using these plugins is a step towards increasing new visitor numbers, and making sure that old visitors return. While the content of your Wordpress-based website is obviously the key factor in determining whether or not people want to visit, plugins such as those listed above can help you to improve your Google ranking and keep those visitors numbers growing.