Getting to Know Aura PHP - Part I

By Matthew Setter • 01 Sep

In the world of PHP, you're not hard up for choice for packages and frameworks for just about everything, especially since the advent...

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Introduction to Travis.CI Part 2

By Matthew Setter • 25 Aug

As we started discussing in my last article Introduction to Travis.CI, modern application development is a pretty demanding task. Whether...

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#CensusFail - A Preliminary Analysis

By Tim Butler • 10 Aug

Last night, two years worth of work and planning for the first online Census night came to a screaming heap. Households around Australia ...

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Laravel Form Refactoring with Service layers

By Sid Young • 07 Jul

Update September 2017: This article does not implement any custom Namespace, in time it wil be updated to include more modern Larave...

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Root Cause Analysis of a Hacked WordPress Website

By Tim Butler • 09 Jun

As a follow-up to my recent presentation at WordCamp Sunshine Coast entitled “Post-Mortem of a Hacked Website“, the foll...

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Let's Encrypt FREE certificates now available on all Conetix Hosting

By Jamin Andrews • 07 Jun

Conetix is proud to offer Let’s Encrypt FREE SSL certificates on all our hosting plans. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated...

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Developing applications with Laravel 5 - Part 3

By Sid Young • 19 May

Update August 2017: I am currently updating this article with more modern syntax and removal of a large number of now obsolete statemen...

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Developing applications with Laravel 5 - Part 2

By Sid Young • 31 Mar

In Part 1 of this series I covered developing a simple application that exercised the 3 essential components of the Laravel eco-syst...

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Introduction to Travis.CI

By Matthew Setter • 24 Mar

Introduction to Travis.CI Part 1 Modern application development is a pretty demanding job, mainly because of the complexity of modern ...

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Developing application with Laravel 5 - Part 1

By Sid Young • 17 Mar

Laravel is a PHP framework that has been taking the PHP development world by storm, its one of the most "Starred" repositories ...

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