WordPress 5.0: Gutenberg is here

By Tim Butler • 06 Dec

Overview If you’ve been actively following WordPress’s development over the last 18 months, you’ll know that Gutenbe...

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Laravel 5 Implementing Scheduled Themes

By Sid Young • 04 Sep

Introduction Here at Conetix we have been using the Laravel PHP Framework for many internal business automation project...

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What's new Plesk Onyx WordPress Toolkit 2.0

By Jamin Andrews • 28 Mar

The WordPress Toolkit was first introduced in Plesk 12.5 and has become one of the most used and valued Plesk extension. With W...

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So You’ve Installed WordPress…Now What?

By Tim Butler • 10 Jan

Overview Note: This was originally presented to the Ipswich WordPress Meetup in Queensland, Australia. Congratulations, y...

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Analysis of a WordPress Pingback DDOS Attack

By Tim Butler • 25 Nov

Two months ago, one of the websites we manage was hit by a wave of Distributed Denial of Service attacks, each with a changing attack vec...

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A simple guide to using Traits in Laravel 5

By Sid Young • 17 Nov

Overview If you have exposure to Object Oriented programming, then you will have been introduced to the concept of abstract classes an...

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Namespaces in Laravel Applications

By Sid Young • 03 Nov

Like many languages, PHP does not allow you to have two classes with the same name at a global level.  While on the surface this may...

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What's New in Plesk Onyx

By Jamin Andrews • 14 Oct

With recent changes to head company structure for Plesk, we have seen them emerge as their own entity and a reinvigorated ...

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ReviewSignal Testing: A Conetix Perspective

By Tim Butler • 19 Sep

When the opportunity arose to be part of an unbiased performance test which looked to be including regional focus, we decided to be part ...

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Getting to Know Aura PHP - Part II

By Matthew Setter • 15 Sep

Introduction Last week we took an introductory tour through AuraPHP and built a simple application using the Aura 2.x f...

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